Technology is changing the way that people expect to interact with their surroundings. For large venue operators this change presents a unique opportunity to rethink the way that services are configured and delivered. While this seismic change is happening now, there is no doubt careful planning will yield significant opportunities.


Customers expect to be able to connect to the Internet everywhere. Free Wi-Fi is now a basic service available everywhere.


Mobile operators are rapidly increasing capacity and coverage to deliver the next generation of indoor voice services.


Applications are driving customer interaction and loyalty. Well crafted app based experiences deliver higher revenues.


Proximity solutions permit everything from direct user communication through to sophisticated retail solutions, both browser and app based.


Recognising customers both online and offline is driving compelling personalisation that increases customer satisfaction.

Big Data

Using data to drive continual improvement and provide insights into customer behaviour, creates new value for stakeholders.


Today's modern venues need modern technical capabilities. An inflection point has been reached where customer data demands are driving the cabling and technology infrastructure needed to support them. Prudent deployment of infrastructure allows for a myriad of operational benefits, from smart monitoring to indoor mapping and CCTV. The rapid rise of the IoT can be readily accommodated within buildings that have strategically upgraded to support pervasive connectivity.


The dramatic change in technology platforming, specifically moving to the cloud, has reduced the time to deploy new and innovative solutions while at the same time reducing costs. Smart operational systems can take advantage of existing infrastructure to deliver dramatic improvements in operational performance. For example real-time footfall information can help plan capacity and optimise space utilisation.

user experience

Advanced user interaction design can improve venue accessibility as well deliver significant benefits to visitors. Combined with proximity technology, physical spaces can be blended with online services to create new real-time added value. Increasing dwell times and generating additional revenues. Operational user experiences can re-present data, making it more useful and actionable.


Venue operators and their tenants can benefit from a wide rage of additional opportunities that drive revenues. Omni-channel retail strategies can be enhanced with improved app discovery as well as a range of new commercial models that underpin the ongoing enhancement of venue infrastructure.


delivering creative solutions for transport operators


We provide an advanced requirements gathering solution that allows you to clearly articulate the service that you want to deliver.

Bid Response

We bring together a wide range of partners to meet client requirements and consistently exceed customers expectations.

Business Strategy

We identify commercial opportunities that leverage technology, creating lasting change that delivers operational and customer benefits.

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